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Detective Fur Hire: Part 2 starring Crystal Coxxx and Tiffany Naylor

Tiffany Naylor licks Crystal Coxxx as they writhe among the soft fur bed

Suspected young thief Crystal Coxxx returns home and is confronted by feisty detective Tiffany Naylor about her crimes. However why is Tiffany only wearing a black mink coat, stockings, suspenders and heels? And what plans does she have for the young felon before bringing her in? As Crystal strips under orders, ready for a furring and toying with her stolen items, it seems like she will get some rough justice indeed!

23 September 2013

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Detective Fur Hire: Part 1 starring Tiffany Naylor

Tiffany Naylor enjoys her sex toy on a bed of soft fox wildcat and chinchilla fur

Join glamourous maverick detective Tiffany Naylor investigating a very special case of stolen sex toys. She enters the suspects house and finds the stolen goods hidden under a pile of furs. Waiting for the suspect to return home though seems to give DI Naylor some wicked ideas and she strips from her mink coat down to her stockings, suspenders and boots to see just how enjoyable those toys are among the furry bed beneath her! She may be on duty, but she loves this part of her job. Will she be finished in time to make her arrest - and what is to come in part 2 of this story?

5 August 2013

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Revealing Her Passions starring Chloe Lovette

Chloe Lovette throws her thick soft fox fur coats on the bed and plays with her dildo

Sexy slim brunette Chloe Lovette is seducing her new lover in her bedroom. Her rich husband doesn't know about her expensive fur collection but Chloe's loves them so much - and seeing others in them too. As you both wrap yourself in stunning fox jackets and coats your passions rise - and she slips out of her tight black dress to slide onto the fur-covered bed with a big dildo. Enjoy watching her play - then slide onto the bed next to her and snuggle into the furs together!

24 June 2013

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Teasing, Kissing, Spanking starring Tiffany Naylor and Crystal Coxxx

Tiffany Naylor gives Crystal Coxxx a sensual fur mitten massage on their bed of fur coats

New girls Tiffany Naylor and Crystal Coxxx share a bed of furs together right in front of you! Wearing nothing but a fox jacket each resting on their shoulders, they settle onto the bed and into each other's arms, kissing and teasing you as you watch them rub the furs on each other. As they roll on the bed together, Tiffany suggests a little game to Crystal: can she guess what sort of fur she is being stroked with? A kiss for a right guess - and a spank for a wrong one? How well will she do - and how well would you do?

3 June 2013

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Petting her Pelts starring Tereza

Tereza is alone in her studio again wearing and laying on soft fox fur coats

Join the sexy but silent Tereza in her fur studio. Among her special range of sumptuous thick fox furs this week, she also finds some full fur skins and pelts to enjoy too. Wrapping her hot naked body up in the coats and jackets, layering two or three at a time, she also starts stroking the sleeves and pelts over her breasts and between her legs. It's getting hotter in that studio by the minute: just imagine sliding among those furs with the gorgoeus blonde together!

15 April 2013

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One Toy and Three Furs starring Niki

Niki enjoys her dildo alone wearing many fox fur coats

A welcome back to lovely blonde Niki who is enjoying her fox furs again! No special setup: just give a gorgeous young woman in red bra and panties and bed with three thick fox furs on and let her get wrapped up in them! Before long, she's slipping out of her knickers and sliding a large thick clear dildo inside herself. To finish off, she wears all three foxes at once! She's hot - and hot!

4 March 2013

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Behind Mum's Back: Part 2 starring Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest finds a vibrator among the many soft fox fur coats on her bed

The fabulous Natalia Forrest settles onto the fox fur covered bed in her white satin slip and starts to roll around in the soft fur surrounding her. Looking in the side table she finds a sexy fur massage mitten and a hidden vibrating surprise inside it. Well: she's come this far to stop now so time to find out just how exciting her mother's furs can be!

11 February 2013

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Behind Mum's Back: Part 1 starring Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest shows you inside her wardrobe full of long thick fox fur coats

The gorgeous Natalia Forrest being sneaky as she leads you into a big bedroom to show you her mother's furs. Doesn't she look fabulous in her white satin slip and in the sexy fox and lynx furs over it? But doesn't she look even better after she throws the furs over the bed, slides seductively on top of them and them slips free of her satin slip to enjoy the soft furs better! Let's hope her mother doesn't find out!

4 February 2013

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Boy Meets Girl 1 starring Niki and Michal

Niki and Michal wear matching red fox fur jackets for sex

In our first ever boy-girl scene, sexy sweet blonde Niki is relaxing on her bed of furs in her black bra and panties with fishnet stockings when stud Michal comes to join her. The couple kiss and get so horny trying on the many fox furs around them that they get naked under the fox furs together and start fucking in several positions before Michal shoots his cum all over the back of Niki's black jacket!

28 January 2013

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A Welcome Winter Break starring Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest opens her silver fox jacket for you in her hotel bedroom

Sweet Natalia Forrest is off on her winter holidays hoping to enjoy the slopes. She arrives at her chalet prepared for the cold with chinchilla and fox furs in tow which you can't keep your eyes off. Maybe she will take a shine to you if you help make her holiday perfect - and she shows you her gorgeous slim body underneath the soft fur jackets and hats, keeping her sexy brown leather boots on though. She's wrapped up warm for sure!

7 January 2013

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