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Fur Therapy 7 Part 2: Dreaming of Chinchilla starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss plays in your dream in chinchilla fur jacket and mitten

Going under again, we rejoin Dr Holly Kiss smothered in black fox fur as she delves into your deepest fox fantasies. Slipping out of your trance you find that real world Holly is starting to rub herself with her chinchilla mitten though - and back in your hynoptic state you can enjoy her surrounded by expensive chinchilla fur too, rubbing her hat and mitten all over the breasts and pussy while she climaxes in front of you. You'll need much more counselling after this session!

25 March 2013

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Fur Therapy 7 Part 1: Dreaming of Fox starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss seduces you in black fox fur jacket and stole

Welcome Holly Kiss back into the therapist's chair again, this time talking to you about your love for thick fox furs. As you drift into your hypnotic trance, her sharp skirt suit is replaced by a long thick blue fox coat - covering stockings, heels and very little else. After enjoying her matching fox stole, your thoughts turn to seeing her in black fox instead. Well: it's your dream!

11 March 2013

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Lending a Hand starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss seduces the handyman in thick lynx fur jacket

Housewife Holly Kiss is having more trouble with her appliances. As her favourite handyman it's time for you to help out again and for her to show off more of her furs. Her skirt suit is quickly replaced by a crsytal fox jacket with stockings, heels and little else underneath but she saves her lynx jacket for her special show: a long toying and rubbing with fur on her kitchen floor!

21 January 2013

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Perks of the Job starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss bends over in red fox fur in her kitchen

Sultry redhead Holly Kiss is a housewife in need of assistance. As a willing handyman you are only too happy to look at her oven and dishwasher for her while admiring her long shapely legs and rabbit fur jacket. Clearly she likes the attention though and returns to thank you in a long red fox coat, red bra and panties and red high heeled shoes. Her bra and panties don't stay on for long as she gives you a full view of her curves and charms before squatting in front of you to finger herself. If only all house calls were like this - and all housewives too!

17 September 2012

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Weekly Fur Worship starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss dominates you in black mink fur coat

Discover more of the dark side of striking redhead Holly Kiss. It's time for your weekly fur worship session and Madame Kiss is running late. Storming into the lounge she doesn't have time to strip from her black mink coat before she cuffs and gags you with her fur toys and starts stroking and whipping you with a fox boa. You kneel and lie before her as she slides off her tight shiny shorts and pulls her firm breasts out for a little fur play of their own. She may even let you masturbate with her fox boa as she brings herself off too - but don't make a mess of her furs!

27 August 2012

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A Review Too Fur starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss fingers herself on a table in blue fox fur coat and black stockings

Sultry redhead Holly Kiss is your office boss - and it's time for another performance review. It seems that Ms Kiss has also noted your fascination for fox fur coat and her stockinged legs - but how can she get you to focus on your workload at hand? Perhaps stripping from her sexy skirt suit for a private fur show in her office every Monday morning will do just the trick? It would work for me!

9 July 2012

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Seducing the Lodger starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss masturbates her lodger wearing chinchilla fur jacket

Imagine coming home to glamourous redhead milf landlady Holly Kiss seducing you in soft sexy furs - especially when was expecting her husband back home! Follow her up to her fur-filled bedroom and watch her slip out of her silky negligee and lacy underwear - and slide around on the furs beneath her. Then she invites you on to her bed among the furs to join her. You might be rushing home earlier much more often!

11 June 2012

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Madame's Ruined Party starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss relaxes on the sofa and masturbates in lynx fur jacket

We mark the debut furring of sultry redhead fur owner Holly Kiss who seems sure to become a firm favourite with many of you. Sadly the garden party wasn't to her liking but, after you escort her home and see to her wine and fur needs, she catches you admiring her a little too desirably in her fox and lynx jackets. As she slips the skirt of her designer outfit off and wraps herself into more of the furs around her, perhaps the day will end on a high note after all?

28 May 2012

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